Miss Tulips Green Dry Cleaner Services

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Please ask us about fire and water restoration by our green methods.

Our high-tech new green machines can handle all of your delicates and high-quality items. We may even be able to clean things you didn’t think could be cleaned!

Whether it’s suits, ties, silk blouses, scarves, kilts, formal wear, sneakers, sequins, sweaters, beaded garments, leather bags, comforters, sleeping bags, duvets or what have you, we’ll get it back to you clean, smelling fresh, and free from all pet hair.

Leathers and Suede
Believe it or not, we can clean all types of leathers and brands, including Harley Davidson Leathers, purses or boots for you. No chemicals are used, only all natural soaps, the only cleaner like this in Kelowna!

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Genuine suede and leather garments require special processing to preserve the finish, feel and color. Whether you ride a motorcycle or ride a horse, we can bring new life to your leather garment or items.

Don’t trust just any cleaner with your valuables, only take your garments to a suede and leather professional that is experienced and equipped for this type of cleaning. Our professional service will keep your garments, handbags and boots looking like new. We use a biodegradable, environmentally friendly system to carefully clean and restore your garments or items to fresh. Our cleaning process is so gentle, that even the most delicate of leather garments turn out beautifully. Come see the difference for yourself.

Wedding Dresses
Miss Tulips will gently restore your wedding dress to the way it was when you walked down the aisle, perfect! Whether you want to keep it as a memento forever or resell it to the next lucky bride-to-be, we’ll make sure it’s gorgeous, fresh and carefully detailed.

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Bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses are made from a wide variety of fabrics. Yours might be satin, taffeta, chiffon, organza, brocade, and lace, and accented with delicate trims, such as beads, crystals, sequins, embroidery, silk flowers, and appliqué, all of which require special care.

Older gowns often need more attention than newer ones because many fabrics naturally yellow with age and old stains may not respond to our professional treatments. Before you decide to wear a cherished heirloom, allow us to assess and discuss the pros and cons with you.

Stains will cause fibre damage and become more difficult to remove the longer they remain on the fabric. You may think your gown has no stains and is okay to put away without cleaning. Don’t do it. Food and beverage stains (perhaps not even immediately visible), body oils, and make-up, if not carefully addressed as soon after the big day as possible, may prove impossible to safely remove—even by our skilled personnel.

We carefully inspect your gown for any minor damage including tears, missing buttons and stains.

We clean and hand-finish your gown with the utmost care.

We delicately pack your gown with acid-free tissue paper.

This allows your gown to retain its shape and beauty for years to come. Your gown is then placed in an Heirloom box to ensure preservation and pristine condition for future generations.

We are also happy to offer this same service for any other gown or garment you wish to preserve.

Wet Cleaning
This is a new professional garment and fabric cleaning process that is so innovative, it’s revolutionizing the industry, and it’s practically an environmental movement all by itself.

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Evolved from Silicon Valley technology WETCLEANING uses an aqua-based, non-toxic, anti-bacterial solution in a new state-of-the-art system to clean most garments that you bring to Vernon Green Cleaners with superior results. With that many adjectives, you KNOW you’ll be happy when you get your items back!

Professional Shirt Service
Miss Tulips uses bio-degradeable, gentle cleaning technology to produce great whites and colours while using lower water temperatures to prolong the life of your shirts. 

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Collars and cuffs are pre-treated before cleaning and all shirts are given personal care and attention. We offer “Hand-Pressing” to your shirts for best results.

Comforter, Duvet and Pillow Cleaning
Whether dry or wet cleaned, polyester or down we have the expertise and equipment to professionally clean and sanitize your comforters and pillows and return to you fluffy and odor free ( we sometimes clean them twice for little pet’s accidents ).

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Do you have lumpy, lifeless, soiled pillows? Have your pillows cleaned, fluffed, de-odorized and sanitized with our pillow restoration system. Feathers and down are removed, cleaned and sanitized by a special ultraviolet process that kills built up bacteria.

New Prime White Canadian goose down may be added for an additional charge at this point. Miss Tulips then places the feathers and down into a brand new white-on-white ticking and returns your pillow in perfect condition!
Duvets can be a dustmite haven. A study shows that they can contain up to 20,000 live house dust mites along with bacteria and fungal spores! Nobody wants that! A new survey has shown more than 40% of people do not wash their duvet every six months, as recommended by experts.

The authority which carried out the research, said: "In some cases, the levels of allergens and contaminants were dangerously high to the point where they could cause symptoms of serious allergies and infections amongst owners and their partners."

At Miss Tulips, we choose to use biodegradable, hypoallergenic plant-based soaps, surfactants, and softeners that are gentle on your skin, respiratory system and environment.

It’s perfect for bedding and comforters, we can properly  clean and dry them with the right professional chemistry and techniques, avoiding the use of any harsh industry standard chemical soaps or solvents. 

Come back and see us or try us out for the first time. We are confident you’ll be back again and again. Regular cleaning at Miss Tulips helps ensure you enjoy your duvets and all your garments to the fullest for the longest.
(plus, you might even get a free lintroller!)

Caps, Hats and Gloves
You will love this, with our new green equipment, we can now clean your favourite baseball cap, or your favourite hat and even your gloves.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

We offer free pick up and delivery as well for your added convenience.

Fire and Flood Restorations

We can restore and rejuvenate your troubled garments using our green methods. Please ask us more.